Be the Change

We are Hearts for Humanity Ltd. We hit the streets of Calgary Alberta, feeding, and providing emergency supplies, such as water, hygiene, clothing, seasonal gear, harm reduction, and bedding to approximately 800-1,000 homeless individuals each month. These items can be life changing, but we believe, and have witnessed that a listening ear, and friendship, are equally as important. We spend time with our clients, build trust, and form real friendships with them. Through offering support in these ways, we have had residentially challenged friends tell us that we have literally saved their lives. 

Hearts For Humanity Ltd. Began in April of 2021. We are a family founded organization- a mom (Linda Roder), and two daughters (Diana and Jena). Our mom, taught us from day one to give to others, not judge, and simply spread kindness. I remember as children, using our allowance to buy homeless folks groceries. 

In October, 2021, our mom was going to take an early retirement from Telus, so she could work full time with Hearts For Humanity. She couldn’t wait to be able to help people every single day, but sadly, she didn’t get to do that. She fell ill with pancreatic cancer just days before her retirement date, and she passed away, in January 2022, leaving us to continue on our efforts without her. On the street, our mom’s name was simply “Mom”. Everyone loved her, because she gave her whole heart with every interaction. Her celebration of life was even held on the street, so that all of her residentially challenged family could attend. 

Not having our mom here has put some extra financial responsibilities on Diana and I. We get a lot of donations, but because the word is quickly spreading about what we do, we are now serving more homeless folks than we ever imagined! It’s costing us hundreds of dollars every month out of our pockets, and we only expect Hearts For Humanity to continue to grow, so we are really needing some extra support at this time . 


Every week we feed approximately 250 homeless individuals. We try to provide balanced meals, with fruit, veggies, protein, a drink, a treat, and always cereal.


Thanks to generous donations, we have been able to provide some clothing, seasonal gear, hygiene products, flashlights, tarps, harm reduction supplies, blankets, shoes, backpacks etc.


Friendship is the most important aspect of our organization. Friendships with our volunteers, donors, and clients. Our mom used to call our nights out serving “family reunions”. We truly care about every person we meet.